A rich legacy. A family-oriented team  
atmosphere. A passion to build on over 100
years of notable achievements. A desire to 
help clients overcome business challenges 
and exceed project expectations. These are 
only a few of the mantras that have enabled 
the Albert Kahn Family of Companies to thrive
throughout its history. We take great pride in
the fact we carry on the legacy of a firm that 
was founded by and named after one of the 
world’s most influential architects, and we 
realize the responsibility and importance that
comes with continuing such a heritage. Our 
passion to carry out the client's vision and 
provide an environment that allows our team
to succeed is at the core of our existence.

Kahn’s 225 talented, creative professionals 
are passionate about their jobs. These 
solution providers, located in offices in 
Detroit, Michigan, Birmingham, Alabama and 
Sao Paulo, Brazil, continuously challenge 
and inspire each other to create places where 
people love to go. Kahn’s employees create 
environments that help others to think better, 
learn better, heal better, play better, and 
perform better. By constantly pushing and 
encouraging each other, Kahn’s professionals  
are well-conditioned to meet the changing 
needs of clients in a variety of market sectors,  
including health care, corporate, educational, 
industrial, research and technology, and 
government. A few of the services the com-
pany provides include architecture, enginee-
ring, interior design, landscape architecture,
and urban design and planning, not to mention
commissioning, strategic facilities planning, 
and a range of facility management and
program management services.