ROSSETTI is an international leader in sports
design and planning. Our expertise is based on
over 40 years of design solutions for every type
of sport – international games, professional,
collegiate and amateur. Our clients include
corporations, governments, major league sports
teams, universities and commercial developers.
Our expertise in every sport, especially soccer,
ensures the stadium will have outstanding playing
fields, sight lines, locker facilities, lighting and
acoustics. Every facility is designed for multiple
uses including sporting events, concerts, fairs,
community activities and more. Our highly skilled
team of designers and consultants ensures that your
venue functions as beautifully as it looks.

We strive to deliver more than a sporting event;
we deliver  a total experience for players, fans and
sponsors. By using a hospitality approach to sports,
ROSSETTI ensures that fans will be comfortable,
entertained and eager to return.  
ROSSETTI also has been a pioneer in combining
sports facilities with entertainment districts. These
projects use the entertainment power of arenas and
stadiums as the focus of large-scale developments
surrounded by retail, restaurants, living and working
spaces, and connected to transit.